Wednesday, April 22, 2009

They have no standards of their own

Lets start with the problem aye? I mentioned that those 2 types of topic share the same problem of lacking standards. A person who whines about being rejected is giving the power of his self-worth to another person. In effect, this means he has no self-worth because he isn't evaluating himself, someone else is doing it for him. This is also true with articles/topics on attraction. It is all assuming what the other party wants and adapting to it. Once again, putting the power of evaluation onto an external source. Where the hell are your standards? 

Peer pressure is often the reason why guys chase certain girls. Whether its because all your friends have one, or maybe its just to show off how "macho/cool/awesome" you are by having a hot chick by your side. Is it really necessary though? Would that really make you happy? So ask yourselves, what do you really want in a partner, heck... what do you really want in LIFE? Will the woman you want fit in the life you want to lead? Set your standards, know what you want, know what you need and you will have a direction. 

Humans are not the borg, everyone is different. Each and every girl has their own tastes, standards, personality, quirks, etc. Its impossible to be a man who can please them all. Since you can't please everyone, why don't you find the girls who matter? The girls you really want? Now that you've set a standard, its time for you to qualify the people you meet and see if they meet your standard. 

Say for example, you're a handsome guy, but happy with a "not so attractive" girl who loves you dearly and meets what you look for in a partner. Others may say "omg, you can do so much better" or "Dude, why are you settling for less?". None of that matters, you've found someone who meets your criteria and you're happy. THAT is what is important. 

Now if you truly want the best, like a woman who's beautiful, intelligent, funny, loving, loyal, rich, kinky, etc. then be prepared for a hard journey. As much as you have standards, they will to. So you will have to improve yourself to meet their standards but not at the cost of your own standards. Chase what you want as much as you like, but what you want, must also have what you need. Remember, wants are optional, needs are a requirement. 

So basically be who you want to be, don't bother with what people think of you. Do what makes you happy and you'll attract those who will suit your lifestyle. In the end, its your happiness that matters, not trying to prove yourself to be better than others. You must have a life of your own, and your partner is someone you share that life with.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

2743 52

Orang kata melayu mudah lupa,
aku pun sudah lupa,
Lupa di mana kita bertemu,
tapi itu tidak penting buatku,

Aku selalu mengejar tanpa dikejar,
tanpa mahu niat diketahui,
Aku biarkan kejaran ku sepintas lalu
supaya ia seakan satu kebetulan

Akhirnya aku sedar,
kau juga sedang mengejar
Aku biarkan kau terus berlari,
hentian aku hanya disini,

Sunday, April 5, 2009

524 726

Kau amat berlainan,
ku tak pasti yang mana satu,
Antara rambut kelakukan ataupun pakaian,
buat aku terpaksa menahan,

Kau pandai menjaga kelakuan,
buat hatiku bertambah tertawan,
Nekad ku tak mahu menjadi kawan,
ingin lebih dari sebuah persahabatan,

Apakan daya aku terlambat,
baru ku sedar kau sudah ditambat,
Menyesal ku kerana tak sempat,
maafkan aku kerana tak cepat, 

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

724 426

Dulu dekat disisi,
walau tidak bersama,
Dulu ada suara antara kita,
walau tajuknya hanya biasa,

Sekarang jauh disisi,
hanya aku sedari,
kau menjauhkan diri,
adakah salah diri ini,

walau berat dihati,
Pergilah ke arah takdirmu,
aku menggangguk tanpa menggeleng,