Sunday, May 10, 2009

The 12th man

Through bitter of losing in semifinal Chelsea player look like incredible hulk as the referee keep denying the penalty for Chelsea team. Why in the earth the UEFA using some secondary league referee as to judge the most watching match in the world. Its all bullshit and unbelievable.

For Norwegian referee as the fan of FOOTBALL no sympathy for him as he totally oversight all the handball like pique hand the ball in penalty area. This situation is like FIFA taking Malaysian referee to handle the FIFA World Cup finale between Brazil and Italy. How the referee want to manage their view when in their local league the foul didnt happen.

The governing body of FOOTBALL must look at this problem seriously not only seat as the representative when to voting for the new president or voting for the future of World Cup host nation. If we want 5 star fair play match or performance we need to have 5 star referee too. 

Friday, May 8, 2009

Why did we all like FOOTBALL very much

Well FOOTBALL is like theatrical. Girls may say watching movie is more satisfy their feeling but for men outside that which is truely man FOOTBALL is their passion. Today in Chelsea match we can see how Essien in first half look like a hero but in the second half is a villain to the team. Well thats FOOTBALL. It can makes you cry, happy, crazy and some may say that FOOTBALL is my religion. 

We can see some childish mind of matured mind when they talk about their beloved team and at the bottom line they didnt watch their favourite team in the stadium. More even dont watch their team played for 90 minute. Their act like low standard of person when in the FOOTBALL matters. Perhaps that maybe the only way their want to run from their unpleasent life. 

Some say FOOTBALL is everything for me BLUE IS THE COLOUR

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

18,19,20 position in EPL

The season of Epl will reach the final touchline 24 May and there will be three team relegate from the league. On the table right now the 18,19 and 20 are Newcastle, Middlesbrough and West Bromwich Albion. Which team will be relegate and return to champion league and will lost all the tv coverage and glamour of epl.

This is my role to let you all know my prediction. Firstly let we talk about Newcastle, the team that for me have everything to succes but what their lacking is the player that can grab all the team problem and turn it to winning matches. The stadium in perfect condition, the facilities all in modern way for the team in mid table for epl. If not the GOAL film will not make the team as their main story right.  With new manager Shearer they have only 3 more match wit 2 in home and villa in away match. My expectation Shearer will make defeat through Liverpool as their motivation to win in all 3 matches as the bad kid already been sent off. 

Middlesbrough is for me plays like they even have strengh to attack any defend in premier league. With their outcast player for surely this kind of player are not in the rate for premier league team. With the youngest manager in the premier league that for me the best reason why the team cannot progress above the mid table. If Middlesbrough want to stay in premier league they should win in the next week match that they will facing Newcastle and for me this is they key factor for they to stayin this league if not Middlesbrough will be play againts Norwich in champion league. 

What we want to say about West Bromwich Albion with 3 points different with Middlesbrough and Newcastle their chance still in fire but let say we cannot know when the fire will dissapear by the wind. For me the wind is Liverpool, with the reds in catching that skillfull ronaldo and aging giggs they will be no mercy for the WBA. Let say the place for WBA in premier league all been cleared up by champion league champion. 

For the rest like Hull City, Sunderland, Blackburn Rovers, and Portsmouth although their maybe in the save zone by if the team in relegation zone win all their three match and the team in the crucial zone lost one match maybe we can see changes in team that will be relegate. For the team that will facing BIG FOUR there for sure that they will facing difficult time as the the big four want to heat all their players in facing the champion league semi final. 

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Selepas 5 tahun ;(

bersama berlari-lari menuju ke segenap penjuru,
bersama berlari-lari seumpama tiada penat,
bersama berlari-lari mencari kaki,
akhirnya kau kembali.

sekali kita bersama,
sekali kita bermain,
sekali kita berpeluh,
akhirnya kau mengeluh.

tempat ayer keroh kita bermain,
tempat galaticos kita berjalan,
tempat sport planet kita bertahan,
akhirnya kau tewas.

suatu hari aku bermain,
suatu hari aku menendang,
suatu hari aku bertahan,
akhirnya tanpa kau.